Lent / Ash Wednesday

Throughout Lent we will upload prayers, and reflections and further readings according to our lectionary and reflecting on the topics of Refugees, Indigenous Justice, Care for Creation, Women’s Justice, Culture and Diversity & The Holy Days. Check in each week for an update;

A prayer for ash Wednesday

Blessed are you, God of all creation. You are eternal, we are mortal, formed from the dust of the earth. On this Ash Wednesday we remember you sign upon us, as a sign of repentance and returning to you. Breath into us again the breath of life. Blessed be God forever.


Taken from Uniting In Worship II

Introduction to the Lenten Journey 

Disciples watch, they remain alert, attentive, watching symbolic acts as well as listening for instructive words; watching the actions that give the clue to how reality is being reorganised around Jesus. (Rowan Williams, 2016)

As we re-orient, and re-organise ourselves, toward and around Christ Jesus, we will pray, reflect and discern justice, through the exploration of revised common lectionary readings, and topics around justice. Each week we have a reading and a topic to be introduced to and share about.

Lent is a time of turning ones feet toward the cross, and being discipled further into Christ. In your praying, and reading and stretching I hope that you are confronted, drawn near, and oriented well for the death and resurrection, but that you might see signs of Christ in our humanity and creation on the way.



Introduction to Topics

As stated, each week we will open to a new topic and a new reading.

Each of the topics selected are those which are already popular topics within our social spheres. It would be good if you brought some of your own questions to the table, seeking to explore socially and biblically our experiences and expectations.

Vulnerability is definitely at play here, so give yourself some breathing space if you need it. No one person has all the answers, and no one reading will help inform fully, so the only way that this will work is if we seek conversation rather than answers.

Our reading as introduction is the Gospel reading in our Ash Wednesday service readings. Matthew’s Jesus says; “beware of practicing your piety before others in order to be seen by them; for then you have no reward from your Father in heaven.” (NRSV)

Before starting Lent, what are the things that we might want to keep in check before each topic/reading, how might we share our experiences and knowledge respectfully?


How can I prepare for Lent?

Matthew 6:1-6, 16:21

  • Read the reading/s
  • Look at the topics ahead
  • Pray

    What is your understanding of Ash Wednesday? Lent?

    Do you have a practice that you would usually do or have done in the past around Lent?

    Is there a particular topic that you are excited by? and why?

    Is there something that you would rather cover instead?

Suggestions for further resources:



For further reading this week if you would like;

there is a book about ‘being Disciples: essentials of the Christian life’ by Rowan Williams.


A great podcast about ‘lent’ : Nomad Podcast 1 March 2017 – Brian Draper – Lent and the Transforming Power of Stillness