Online Details

Option 1: Join us via Facebook Live

Watch our video stream live on Facebook – we are a public page so you won’t even need a Facebook account to view it. Stream starts from 9:25 am.

Option 2: Join us via Zoom from your computer, tablet or smartphone

Connect through the Zoom app or in your browser by using the link below. Please try to join without video and just watch. There will be an administrator making sure everyone is on mute so don’t worry – just join in. The Zoom meeting will be open from 9:15 am.

Getting set up for first time users – computer

  • You will need to download the Zoom App to your computer – it is free and safe
  • Go to and click the download button under ‘Zoom Client for Meetings’.
  • Once the file has downloaded to your computer, open it and install the program by following the prompts

Getting set up for first time users – tablet/smartphone

  • You will need to download the Zoom App from the App Store (iPhones/iPads) or Google Play (Android Phones and tablets)
  • Go to App Store / Google Play and download the ‘ZOOM Cloud Meetings’ app
  • This should automatically download to your device

Joining worship

  • Click on the link – it’s the same every week. You will then be directed to the meeting and your browser will open your Zoom app:
  • Alternatively, go directly to your app and type in the Meeting ID: 837 510 6952
  • Wait for the administrator to add you to the meeting and then you are in!

Option 3: Join us via Zoom from your mobile phone or landline (as a call)

  • Call (02) 8015 6011
  • You will then be asked for the meeting ID. Type in 8375106952 and then #
  • You will then be asked for your participant ID. Don’t worry about this and just press # again to join
  • You will then wait a few moments for the person running the Zoom call to add you in. You will start on mute so you can listen in but others won’t hear you.

 Please contact for further information.