Apply for a Stall



The Community Markets at North Ryde are always looking for new stall holders that meet our selection criteria and who can add to our visitors’ experiences by offering a variety of merchandise of exceptional quality and good value.

New Stall Holder Procedure:

To Apply for a stall at the Community Markets, all you need do is:

  • Complete the “Application for a Stall” form (click HERE for the form)
  • Sign at the bottom to indicate you have read and agreed the “Terms and Conditions” applying to this market.
  • Attach copy of your Public Liability Certificate of Currency
  • Within 3 days you will be advised of your acceptance as a stall holder (or otherwise)
  • Transfer funds within 4 days of acceptance to:
  • email to:

Cost of Stall Space:

$50 for 3×3 stall space (please note that TryBooking applies a 50cent service fee)

No Charge for Not-for-Profit organisations (spaces limited to one per market)