Our Minister – the Reverend Jean Bell

I’m delighted to be joining the congregation at North Ryde.

Jean at her induction at North Ryde – June 2021

I believe I bring a pastoral heart to ministry. I find it a privilege to walk with people and their families in tough times. Dementia and Palliative Care are two areas of pastoral passion. I delight in celebrating with families and their children, and older candidates too, who request the Sacrament of Baptism.

As a minister of Word and Sacrament, to work together with members of the Congregation to provide and lead worship for the community is an honour. To be able to encourage people in the sharing of their God-given gifts and talents to service God’s people is one of the special joys of ministry.

I enjoy working with other churches in the area, as I believe in ecumenical connections of working together as the people of God. In the past this involvement has also been lived out through involvement with combined Churches activity in school Special Religious Education (SRE).

Tennis and Hockey are two sports that I enjoy. I recently learnt of the sport of Pickle Ball… sounds like it could be worth giving it a go. Anyone in North Ryde play pickle ball?!

I have been a Rabbitohs fan (South Sydney Rugby League Team) for over fifty years. (This can be a strength or a weakness in the eyes of others!) Being a Rabbitohs supporter has enabled me to learn the qualities of faithfulness, loyalty and yes, long suffering.

When it comes to political or social issues, others do not need to agree with me for me to be able to appreciate them. I ask of others that they think through and examine their views in relation to the alternatives, as I seek to do.

As John Wesley has been quoted as saying: “We may not all think alike, but we can all love alike!”

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